New Girls Dormitory

In February 2020, just ahead of the COVID storm, we visited Acres of Hope in Nebbi, Uganda. It’s an amazing place where they farm tilapia, grow bananas and vegetables, and raise goats to feed 130 orphans. What they don’t use, they sell in the local market to help sustain the home. Their school (K-8) not only provides an education for the orphans, it also attracts local children and the modest tuition paid by their families helps cover the cost of the teachers and materials.

While there we saw that they had 60 girls living in two small houses built for 18 people. Many of the girls had been horribly abused or trafficked and all had been denied the education they are entitled to under Ugandan law. Now safe and attending school, Acres of Hope has been a real sanctuary for them.

Thanks to World Orphan Fund donors, they now have a new dormitory with space for 100 girls. As an added bonus, this freed up the two smaller houses for family-style care for younger orphans.

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