We're problem solvers and passionate advocates for orphaned children.

We focus on urgent and transformational funding, with a strong emphasis on sustainable efforts and measurable results, and we only fund efforts at homes we have visited. We collaborate, innovate, and find smart people to help solve difficult problems.

“When we began the World Orphan Fund in 2011, we envisioned a charity that would allow everyday people to touch the lives of orphaned children. The truth is they have touched our hearts in ways we never could have imagined.”

~ R.J. Johnson, WOF president

We’ve traveled nearly a million miles and completed 110+ projects on five continents. Nothing could have prepared us for the difficult things that we would see. We’ve held children who have been sold, trafficked, abandoned, and abused in the worst ways you can imagine.

Yet at the same time, we’ve seen how amazing, gifted people can help heal their trauma.

Through it all, these beautiful and resilient children find their way back. Trust is rebuilt. They learn to laugh and to smile again. And we are blessed to be a part of it.

Partnering directly with experts and those working in each country where we serve, our projects range from supplying emergency food to developing a regional nutritional program, from purchasing medical testing equipment to arranging for complex surgeries, from funding a single dormitory to building an entire children’s home, from paying for a teacher’s salary for a year to creating a country-wide transition program for teens . . . learn more about specific projects by clicking on one of our core areas below or view projects country by country.

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