An Amazing New Partner

Last October, a World Orphan Fund donor (Tim) was on a plane home to Midland, Texas when he ended up across the aisle from longtime friend Marc Dingler. Marc works for Diamondback Energy, the fourth largest oil company in Texas. As they chatted, he told Tim that after the Russian invasion, his company made a 10-million-dollar commitment to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Marc said his company needed help finding high impact, smaller organizations meeting direct needs in Ukraine, and Tim said you absolutely need to meet a friend of mine, R.J. Johnson, at the World Orphan Fund.

Two days later we spoke, and it was a perfect fit. They loved that we don’t have employees or administrative costs, that 100% of donations go to projects, and we only help in situations we have seen firsthand. Since then, Diamondback has not only helped us with orphan needs in Ukraine, but they also asked us to assess and act as a conduit for humanitarian aid to NGOs in Ukraine and Romania. It’s been an incredible blessing.

Since then, we’ve purchased generators, funded clean drinking water projects, provided clothing for hundreds of families, funded 25 centers for displaced families, and sent more than $1,000,000 in direct aid to meet emergency food needs across Ukraine.

Marc traveled with our team in August and was able to see projects Diamondback has aided and find important new ways to reach those most in need.

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