Solar Project Completed in Uganda

The Village of Eden Orphanage in Uganda is now 100% solar! The World Orphan Fund partnered with the German government to make this possible. Not running diesel generators saves thousands of dollars that can now be spent to improve the lives of children.  

A key component of this project was teaching and training local workers throughout the planning and installation. The skills they gained through this project will enable them to earn a living and support their families for years to come.

While the Village is home for 47 children, it is much more than an orphanage. There is a school on campus where 200 children from the community get a quality education.

Their medical clinic serves 150 people a day, testing hundreds for HIV and providing follow-up care so they can remain healthy. They’ve diagnosed countless cases of malaria, and their ability to test hemoglobin levels (on equipment we provided) has helped save lives. Malaria eats up red blood cells, and when they find severe anemia, they immediately transfer patients (usually children) to the closest in-patient facility for immediate, life-saving treatment.

Finally, every week as many as 15 malnourished children are bought to the mother-child nutrition clinic, where moms receive nutritional counseling and emergency food to keep their babies healthy and growing.

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