Ukrainian Orphan Evacuations

Since December of 2022, we have funded food and housing at five locations in Romania for orphans at risk of kidnapping, war crimes, and life-threatening bombings. The program is run by the Romanian NGO Fight for Freedom and children come from cities like Bakhmut, Odesa, and Kherson.

Recognizing that many of the arriving children have had horrifying experiences, one location was converted to a trauma recovery center. One of the most heartbreaking stories is of a 13-year-old girl who came from Bucha. Alone at home when Russian soldiers invaded her town, she was interrogated mercilessly. A soldier put a grenade in her shirt to induce her to reveal the location of her parents (fighting in the Ukrainian army). The terrorizing experience left her traumatized, and when she arrived, she hadn’t spoken in weeks. But with the loving care and trauma healing at the center she began speaking and joining in activities with other children, eventually becoming a helper and leader. She has now returned to Ukraine and will receive ongoing support

Fight for Freedom is also opening a new Victims of War Recovery Center near Kyiv in November. We are providing the funds to set it up. It will serve the orphans and widows created by the war with practical aid, trauma healing, and spiritual support. The building has capacity for 25 orphans/widows in temporary residential care but will serve hundreds more monthly.

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