Child Nutrition Program in Guatemala

For the past two years our Walker Childhood Development Center implemented a comprehensive nutritional program, evaluating more than 700 hundred children from 14 different orphanages.

We determined that that more than half of children suffer from growth delays, a condition that can be improved with a diet rich in protein and calories. However, most orphanages struggle to cover those expenses. So, we developed a fortified milk with added protein, zinc, and other vitamins to reach 2,700 children at 48 homes. This formula has helped the children to gain weight and height and strengthen their immune system. Every glass of milk has 10 grams of protein.

Depending on the severity of the case, we also provide additional supplements like Pediasure, zinc, iron, and gluten free fortified flours. In all, 100 different supplements have been distributed to the most affected children.

The results are encouraging. Every child improved, but a whopping 65% of the children reached the appropriate height for their age! And the improved nutrition impacts their brain development, giving them the best chance to live a full and productive life!

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