Preparing for a Hard Winter

In the fall of 2022, the Russians fired 1,200 missiles and drones at Ukrainian power plants, taking out 70% of the power supply. Some orphanages lost power for days. Thankfully our donors rallied, and we were able to quickly buy thousands of coats, blankets, boots, and 37 generators to help keep children warm.

Unfortunately, this winter will be worse for three main reasons: last year’s winter was milder than usual; Ukraine has only restored 7% of the destroyed power generation; and we expect the Russians will start bombing the energy grid again.

As luck (God) would have it, in August we learned there was a talented group of women in Ternopil making high quality coats at a small factory. We asked if we could tour it, and as it turns out they are having a tough time staying afloat. “How many coats can you make,” we asked? “2,000” they said, and we answered, “We’ll take all of them!”

So, in September they began making coats for the World Orphan Fund, AND they helped us find another factory to produce 1,100 more of the same coats. This will not only help orphans stay warm this winter, it puts food on the tables of Ukrainian families and helps the local economy.

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