Pandemic Food Funding

In August of 2020, we received an urgent text that two orphanages in Kenya were in a food crisis and reducing portions in order to stretch their food supply. They needed help and they needed it fast.

The next morning, we put a post on our Facebook page and what happened blew us away. In just three hours, 34 friends stepped up and donated the needed $3,407.  We wired the money and only 24 hours after that urgent text, our partners at Manna Ministries in Nairobi were making plans to buy and deliver two-months’ worth of food for 54 children. In 2020 we assisted with emergency food and supplies at 21 orphanages in Kenya, Guatemala and Honduras for 808 children. All had been left short on funding due to the pandemic and in some cases were caring for even more children relinquished by parents who were unable to care for them.

Our ability to help in emergencies is why we founded the World Orphan Fund. In a challenging year like 2020, when so many were struggling, we were doubly grateful for our strong network of supporters that has allowed us to say yes when we get that call, text or email that emergency help is needed.

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