Children’s Home Rebuild

We visited Mum’s Love children’s home near the slums in Nairobi, Kenya in early 2020. It’s well run and lives up to its name, but 27 small children were crammed into a space the size of a Volkswagen. The home needed to be renovated and expanded. The building was worn, and water ran through it when it rained. They need a lot of help. Initially, we provided funding for a caregiver, while working on plans to renovate the structure

We partnered with a local NGO (Manna Ministries) to develop the building plans and oversee the eventual construction. When we shared the plans with our supporters, generous donors stepped up to fund the entire project.

The process was long (in part due to the pandemic) and the children were temporarily relocated and the existing structure was torn down. The official groundbreaking took place on June 7, 2021.

The new facility houses more than 50 orphaned children along with their caregivers, doubling their previous capacity. The space now includes a library, computer room, dining area and expanded bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities. They will also serve as a temporary shelter for street children.

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