Some of you know about our efforts at the World Orphan Fund to reduce electric costs for the two largest orphanages in Honduras. Our plan will cut their power bills by $130,000 a year and save 20 million gallons of water annually.

One way we’re reducing power consumption is to swap out old water heaters with heat pump water heaters. The new high tech models cut the cost of heating water by 80%. But they’re not cheap.

So we told Wisconsin Company, A.O. Smith, who makes 48% of the water heaters in the U.S. our story and asked if they would help. Not a handout mind you, but would they consider reducing the cost of their pumps for this project?

Well two Fridays ago we got our answer – they offered us a discount that will save $19,500! Huge. Let’s review: A Fortune 500 company in Wisconsin, who employs more than 13,000 people worldwide, is willing to help a little volunteer charity and orphaned kids in Central America. And they offered to send a tech to help install them. When you say Wisconsin…..you’ve said it all! Thank you AO Smith.

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