Youth for Honduras – Next Generation Chosen

When teens leave the protective custody of the children’s homes in other countries or foster care here in the U.S., they have no safety net and often few life skills to help them. These are good kids—just like our own children or grandchildren—who at this age need guidance and support to meet their potential. Without our program they have few options and can end up resorting to crime and prostitution simply to survive.

Our Youth for Honduras program is on the front lines, providing life-skills education, direct support, and mentoring to hundreds of teens each year. The educational curriculum we’ve developed is being taught throughout Honduras in children’s homes, and government staff and other organizations are seeking to be trained in its use to reach even more youth.

We are now selecting the 12th generation of kids for our “Youth for Honduras” transition program, where our team supports youth aging out of children’s homes. With limited funding, and in order to find the best candidates, each generation must go through a vigorous application and evaluation process. Only about 1 in 3 who apply will be accepted. To help us make the best choices, we conduct “camps,” where candidates are divided into groups to “compete” in a variety of games and work as a team to overcome different challenges. Through this dynamic, our team can observe personality factors, leadership traits, emotion management and willingness to collaborate. Since 2016 our team has impacted hundreds of lives.

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