Youth for Honduras Programs

We are so incredibly pleased that our Formation for Life curriculum is reaching more and more youth every year and gaining attention from other social service entities within Honduras. This programming gives teens the life skills they need to be successful adults once they’ve aged out of their children’s home. Without this kind of help, more than 80% of these teens will turn to crime, gangs, or prostitution to survive.

Our Youth for Honduras staff trains educators and directly teaches the coursework to youth at these homes. Others, including the public school system, the Honduran Juvenile Justice System, the national child welfare agency (DINAF), the vocational training college (INFOP), the Honduran Juvenile Justice System, and church youth groups have realized the value of the program and will be partnering with our team to deploy it within their organizations.

We cannot emphasize enough how amazing this is. Just a few years ago, this training was only an idea and now we have a robust curriculum being sought after by nearly every organization that works with youth in the country.

In addition to the Formation for Life curriculum, our post-secondary scholarship program aids up to 20 young adults in obtaining job training and technical school or university degrees each year. Now in its 8th year, our graduates are doing amazing things. Recently, Ernesto Cortés, who earned a degree with our help, was a featured expert on the most popular Honduran morning television show.

Our iExist program is also achieving great success. Many children who end up in the protective custody of children’s homes enter with no established legal identity. The process to obtain a birth certificate for these kids is long and convoluted, requiring finesse and patience. Luckily, our team in Honduras are pros at both. So far, we’ve helped more than 75 youth gain their legal identities.

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