Giving Tuesday 2023

Here’s something different for Giving Tuesday. We want to give YOU a message of hope . . . particularly during these turbulent times worldwide.

We’re so blessed to have Kate Spadino and her husband Joe on our board and volunteering in countries like Honduras, Guatemala and Ukraine. We were touched when she recorded this wonderful (short) video about The World Orphan Fund, and we wanted to share it with you today.

Here are some of the highlights:

“What I love about this organization is the pace and the speed at which they’re able to move to meet the critical needs of vulnerable children around the world. “

“There’s no admin fee, no overhead fees, no red tape. And they work with trusted local partners to make a difference and to make a difference right away.”

“I tell my friends if you don’t know where to begin, begin here. Begin with the World Orphan Fund.”

“We know that change happens at the level of an individual. A child, a connection, me, you.”

It’s committed volunteers like Kate and Joe who are making a difference for orphaned children everyday. And it’s people like you who make what we do possible.

We WOULD be so grateful if you would consider making a donation today. Your generosity will help to feed children, provide medical care and life changing therapies, and keep children warm and safe in places like Ukraine. As always, 100% of your gift will be put to work right way to fund these very critical programs. Thank you.