A Wonderful Update

Last year we told you about this special nine-year-old, a delightful boy we met and fell in love with on a mission trip to Guatemala. He suffers from a genetic disorder that has caused his legs to bow so severely he would eventually spend his life in a wheelchair without treatment. 

This spring, he traveled to Shriners Hospital in Portland Oregon and has now received orthopedic surgery to straighten his legs. 

It took a year of hard work and the dedication of some everyday heroes. Heroes like Lynn Jewel, the amazing director from his orphanage, our Walker Center therapy team and our incredibly kind and generous board members, Joe and Kate Spadino.

Kate Spadino worked tirelessly to find a doctor at Shriners. Then, she oversaw every detail and pushed past every obstacle to help make this miracle happen. Her husband Joe and their children, Joey, Guy and Elena spent their spring break with Yodvin in Oregon, (prior to his surgery) taking him out for pizza, hiking on Mt. Hood and even building a snowman!  

Our heroic World Orphan Fund donors are covering all the travel expenses for Yodvin and his caregiver. And we are so grateful to the heroes at Shriners Hospital who performed the surgery that will change his life forever, free of charge.

Kate Spadino with this special guy!
Making his first snowman!

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